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Kenshikan Scotland Newsletter

We issue regular Newsletter for our members to keep everyone updated with news of Courses, Examinations and Competitions.

Examination Information
Here we will announce the results of Examinations.

So start to tell family and friends about our Site.

Go on work hard, concentrate and enjoy your training and look out for your name being shown on the Web.

You can see the results of Examinations in our new page named "Examination Results", as well as some of the previous Examination Results.

Congratulations to everyone that took part and was successful. 

European Kusano-ha Course 2008

The European Kusano-ha course in 2008 will be conducted by Nidaime Soke Sensei with assistance from Teppei Shihandai.

Venue Wilmslow, Cheshire, England

Dates 28th March 2008 to 30th March 2008

This is a not to be missed course for anyone serious about learning top-class Kata and Technique.

Kengo Fuku-Shihandai


Last Updated 19th February 2008