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The following lists Black Belts achieved from Glasgow Dai Ichi Dojo.

All Kenshikan Balck Belts are presented with an embroidered belt from Soke Sensei.  They are also presented with Diploma and Black WKKA Badge for their do-gi.

WKKA Black Belts - Glasgow Dai Ichi Dojo
  • Amanda Colquhoun 5th Dan (WKKA)
  • Nick Hendry 5th Dan (WKKA)
  • Gordon Watson 4th Dan (WKKA)
  • Karen Ferguson 4th Dan (WKKA)
  • Scott Hendry Sub 2nd Dan (WKKA)
  • Rory "Akage" Morrison Sub 2nd Dan (WKKA)
  • Michelle Colquhoun 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Kevin Cunningham 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Ross McHenry 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Alan McLaughlin 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Nicola Dinnen 1st Dan (Spain) (WKKA)
  • John Dinnen 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Christopher Woods 1st Dan
  • Kate Smart 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Paolo Verrecchia 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Domenico Iafrate 1st Dan
  • Ross Hendry Sub 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Stuart Watson 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Nicole Hendry Sub 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Donald Morrison "Kengo Jnr" Sub 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Hannah White Sub 1st Dan (WKKA)
  • Derek Tweed Sub 1st Dan (WKKA) 
The Kanji on our obi reads as Kusano-ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-do Association

Soke Sensei Gashuku England 2014

Congratulations to Karen Shidoin for passing 4th Dan Examination.

Congratulations to both Scott & Rory for passing Shodan Examination.

Congratulations to Donald, Hannah and Derek who were awarded Shodan-ho, (Black Belt)

Well done to all Team Scotland for a great weekend Gashuku with Soke Sensei & Waka Sensei.

Teppei Shihandai was a great help and Team Japan were outstanding.