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Some Favourite Pics of Karate, Kids, Friends and General Interest...

(Click on pictures with a border for a larger picture.)

Nidaime Soke Sensei with Chief Instructors

Nidaime Soke Sensei with Scottish Team May 2002

Artwork from Fearghas


Kusano-ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-do

Training at Yamashina Dai Ichi Dojo
Nov 1998

Punching Cousins

You punch and I'll be the look-out

Good Technique

Double Trouble

In the Balance

Right behind you

Kenshikan Scotland
Champs 1986

Students of the Year 2000

Jitte Bunkai Ichi-ban

Jitte Bunkai Ichi-ban

Ghent 1994

Guy's Dog had been shaved but Kengo kept the beard.

Ghent 1994

With the shouting from Kenshikan Scotland Steven had to win !

Kata "Seipai".

Jitte Bunkai San-ban

Kata "Jitte".

Course with Hogan Shihandai at Wilmslow Nov 2002

The Wonderful "Golden Temple" - Kinkakuji.

Hikone Castle - Great exercise climbing to the castle.

Shinkansen-The Bullet Train.


Last Updated 4th January 2004