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Kusano-ha Karate for kids

Junior Classes are held on a Wednesday and Friday with each class lasting for 1 hour.

Ages start from 5 years old.

Our door is always open to allow parents and other family members to see what's going on.

  Train hard and have Fun: Karate is an ideal family activity. Students of different ages can develop at their own speed.

Dai Ichi Juniors 9th Oct 2002
  Senior Class: The most satisfying aspect of teaching is watching young students progress through the grades and move into the Senior Class.

Senior/Black Belt Class

Some of these faces have trained with me for over 20 years.

Can you tell who ?

  Shidoin: Shidoin Students have reached a level of understanding where they are considered fit and able to instruct others. They are easily spotted as they have a white badge on their gi. They also have additional kanji on their belts.

Kenshikan Scotland Shidoin(Instructors) are easy to identify with their White Badge.

Updated 13th Apr 2010