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    Glasgow Dai Ichi Results May 2011
  • Rory Morrison, 1st Kyu  (Brown Belt +2 Tag)

    Glasgow Dai Ichi Results June 2010

    • Derek Tweed, 2nd Kyu  (Brown Belt + Tag)
    • Rory Morrison, 3rd Kyu  (Brown Belt)
    • Rachel Tweed, 4th Kyu  (Purple Belt)
    • Hannah White, 5th Kyu  (Blue Belt)
    • Jamie Stewart, 6th Kyu  (Blue Belt)
    • Daniella Jane Croly, 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
    • Sarah Stewart, 12th Kyu (Yellow Belt + Tag)


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June 2010 Examination Results


Glasgow Dai Ni Results:


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European Gashuku Examination Results May 2010:

  • Amanda Colquhoun, Fukushihandai B
  • Gordon Watson, Kenshi
  • Donald "Kengo" Morrison, 6th Dan Tasshi 

European Gashuku Examination Results May 2011:

  • Amanda Colquhoun, 5th Dan
  • Gordon Watson, 4th Dan
  • Scott Hendry Sub 1st Dan
  • Ross Hendry Sub 1st Dan 


Last Updated 26th May 2011