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An insight to what you can expect !
Have you considered learning Karate but been put off by the mystery of it all.

Hopefully the following pictures and information may help give an insight what to expect.

Existing students may also find some help.

Bow - Show of respect
At the start of every training class we bow to Soke Sensei and say "Onegai-shimasu". At the end of every class we bow again and say "Arigato Gozaimasu".

This is a repectful way of asking to be taught and thanking for the teaching that has been given.

Further bows are necessary depending on the level of instructor taking the class.
Dojo Cleaning
Everyone contributes to ensuring that the floor we train on is cleaned before we start training.

Have a think about this action and try and think of another activity that would clean their facilities in respect of their place of training and fellow student.

White Jacket & Trousers.

Light weight suits are best for juniors. Heavier weight suits are better for seniors.

Have a look at the link to Blitz for a better idea.

WKKA Badge is worn on the left chest.

Instructor Grade Badge is worn on the left jacket sleeve.

Country badge can be worn on right jacket sleeve.
Practice and more practice

To be good at anything you need to practice and karate is no different.

With practice comes confidence and familiarity. Difficulty with a technique or move can be overcome with practice and good teaching.

Practice is something we all have to do.

Practice makes permanent !

No Train No Gain !

Grading System

All examinations are conducted to the documented and laid-down WKKA requirements. So everyone knows what's required for the next belt.

Juniors have additional grades to help spread the time that is required to learn the new skills and techniques for each grade.

There is no substitute for regular training.

Chief of Country has authority to grade to Shodan-ho, Sub-Black Belt.

All other grades are conducted by Soke Sensei Kenji Kusano.

Regular Courses

Each year Soke Sensei Kenji Kusano will travel to Europe for the annual WKKA Kenshikan European Course. In 2017 a very successful and enjoyable course was held in Ghent, Belgium.

In 2018 the 55th WKKA World Championships will be held in Otsu, Japan and Team Scotland have already started preparations.

In April 2018 Kengo will travel to England to conduct a Training Course with Steven de Winne, Chief of Belgium.

Kengo will be accompanied with some of the Scotland Team that will travel to Japan later in the year.

Regular Examinations
Examinations are a way to judge your improvement. Although the visual perfomance aspect of karate is important so too is the hard work and dedication of the student.

Examaination passes are earned not given.

The training is more important than the examination.
WKKA Membership

The WKKA Membership Book is issued from So-honbu in Japan.

They record all your WKKA Examination Results and Courses that you have attended.

Soke Sensei always makes time to sign your Membership Book.

Contact your Dojo Chief for further details.

World Kusano-ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-do Association

We are part of a World-Wide Association.  Soke Sensei is much travelled and Kusano-ha is well established in Europe.  In the coming years other countires will become a part of out great style.

As soon as you become a member of WKKA make sure your passport is up to date because it won't be long until the next Kusano-ha course in England, Sweden, Belgium, Scotland, Malaysia, China or Japan. 


Last Updated 8th April 2018