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Donald Morrison a.k.a. Kengo

Born 1966 in Partick, Glasgow.

Started learning Karate while in 6th year at school, so I must have been about 17 years old.

My friend Martin Duncan 1st Kyu encouraged me to learn Karate so I joined a club at Essenside Sports Centre in Drumchapel.

My first teacher, Sensei Billy Gallagher 1st Dan showed me the importance of training hard and striving to do your best.  Billy is sadly missed.

In June 1984 I travelled to Paris with Martin to train with Sensei Ryozo Tsukada who at this time was European Instructor for Kenshikan. Unfortunately we missed Sensei Tsukada but had a great few days training with his Japanese assistant, Shigeru Yaegashi. My thanks to Daniel Plault for getting in touch.

Shortly after in 1984 we joined The World Kenshikan Kenpo Karate-do Association under the instruction of its founder, Soke Sensei Kenji Kusano.

In 1987 I was asked by one of my Instructors to assist with a new club in the Jordanhill area of Glasgow.

This was the start of my teaching career.

Over the next 10 years I somehow managed to balance teaching, training while competing in Kata and Kumite competitions at a local and National level.

I also spent a great deal of time learning the skills of being an official at Karate Competition.

In 1990 Soke Sensei awarded me the grade of 1st Dan.

I was a Kumite Judge at the 1992 British Karate Championships held in Glasgow.

In 1992 was a member of Kata Team that won Silver Medal at the Scottish Karate Championships.

In 1993 took 2nd place in Scottish Karate Championships, Under 80Kg.

In August of 1993 travelled to Belgium to take part in the 30th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships.

Scotland was host to Soke Sensei in 1998 when a very successful course was held at the fabulous Scotstoun Leisure Centre.

It was at this time Soke Sensei gave me the Japanese name of Kengo (meaning big and strong).

In late 1998 I travelled to Japan for the 35th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships.

I was awarded 4th Dan and my Team from Scotland took 2nd place in the International Team Kumite.

In December 1998 Kenshikan Scotland featured in the BBC Sports Programme Sportscene when we were interviewed by John Beattie. This feature was fabulous encouragement for many years hard work of those loyal students of Kenshikan Scotland.

In 2001 I travelled with Fiona and the boys with the help of my supportive Mother Alice to Stockholm for Gashuku with Nidiame Soke Sensei and Terayama Shihan.  During this Gashuku I was awarded the rank of Renshi.

In November 2003 I travelled to Japan for the 40th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships.

I was awarded 5th Dan and took 3rd Place in the over 35 years Kata Competition with my Team member Gordon Watson also taking 3rd Place in the same event.

In January 2004 my 2 sons Donald & Rory had their first karate lesson almost 20 years to the day since I had my first karate lesson.

In May 2005 I attended the WKKA European Course in the splendid city of Stockholm with the Scottish Shidoin.

In May 2006 I visited Belgium after almost 10 years for the WKKA European Course held in the great city of Ghent. 

In May 2007 Glasgow played host to WKKA European Course and WKKA Student attended from Belgium, England and Sweden.

March 2008 saw the return of the WKKA European Course to England.

In November 2008 Team Kenshikan Scotland attended the 45th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships. We paid our respects to Kaiso Sensei and Soke Sensei and trained hard during Renshu and Competition.

Congratulations to Amanda Shidoin for victories in both Kumite and Kata during the 45th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships.

In May 2009 WKKA Sweden hosted the WKKA European Course in the wonderful Boson Sports Facility in Stockholm.

May 2010 and we were back in Ghent, Belgium for a wonderful Gashuku with Soke Sensei and Teppei Shihandai. Congratulations to everyone involved in hosting a remarkable weekend of training and hospitality. This course will be remembered by Team Kenshikan Scotland for the 20 hour Zeebrugge to Rosyth Ferry, due to the flight cancellation.  

On 16th May 2010 I was awarded 6th Dan and Tasshi.


History of Kenshikan Scotland

Soke Sensei Kenji Kusano had travelled from Japan in 1984 to introduce his dynamic style to the United Kingdom.

The very first training class was in a sports club just outside of Glasgow City Centre.

At that time I recall all the Black-Belts having great difficulty coming to grips with this new dynamic style.

Since those early days things have certainly changed.

Soke Sensei has visited Europe many times and Kusano-ha Shitoryu Karate has developed in other countries including Sweden, England and Belgium and of course Scotland.

Kenshikan Scotland Today

My fellow Chief Instructors are Sweden, Hogan Rudbergh and Belgium, Steven de Winne and China, Telly Geenens.

At this time I have responsibility for England. 

I have known Hogan for many years. In the late 1980's I fought for the Swedish Kumite Team at the Kenshikan Scotland Championships.

From memory, Hogan was the only Swedish fighter that day as the other team member, Jorma was from Finland.

Steven is a qualified Referee and is a regular official at local and National Competition. At the recent Belgium Championships one of his student took Bronze in Ladies Kata. 

Telly continues to compete and took Bronze in Men’s Kata at the same Belgium Championships

I have taken part in many many courses across Europe and always enjoy teaching and training with WKKA students and instructors from all countries.

In 1994 I travelled to Ghent for a weekend training in Ghent, Kenshikan Belgium and have good memories of training with the students of Kenshikan Belgium.

Ask any of the Chief Instructors and you will hear the same voice that we are part of a truly great style, Kusano-ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-do and have wonderful teachers with Soke Sensei, WKKA Shihan and Shihandai.

In November 1998 Team Kenshikan Scotland travelled to Japan for 4 weeks training and to take part in the events for the 35th W.K.K.A. Anniversary in Otsu, Japan.

In November 2003 Team Kenshikan Scotland returned from a successful 2 week trip, taking part in the events for the 40th W.K.K.A. Anniversary in Otsu, Japan.

In November 2008 Team Kenshikan Scotland attended an emotional celebration of the 45th W.K.K.A. Anniversary in Otsu, Japan. Earlier in the year we sadly lost Kaiso Sensei and Nidaime Sensei is now Soke Sensei.

In November 2013 Team Kenshikan Scotland attended the 50th Anniversary Championships.

Plans are underway for the 55th W.K.K.A. Anniversary Championships in November 2018.

Please contact Kengo with your questions or thoughts.