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Welcome to our Home Page. Currently being refreshed

Donald Morrison "Kengo Shihandai" pictured with the Father of Kusano-Ha Kaiso Sensei Kenji Kusano.

A truly great man and one of the Worlds Top Karate Teachers.

This picture was taken in May 1999 at Wilmslow, England.

When not teaching or training I am busy at home with Fee and our 2 sons, Donald & Rory.

In 2006 Kenshikan Scotland attended the European Course with Nidiame Soke Sensei in the wonderful city of Ghent, Belgium (19th to 21st May 2006).

In 2007 the European Course was held in Scotland and we had a great course with our Kusano-ha friends and family.  

The 2008 the Kusano-ha European Course returned to Wilmslow, England. 

In late 2008 we celebrated the 45th Anniversary of WKKA with many Kusano-ha students attending the Anniversary Course and WKKA World Championships in Otsu Shiga Japan.

Team Scotland consisted of Kengo Fukushihandai, Amanda Shidoin and Nick Shidoin. Congratlulations to Amanda Shidoin who acheived great success in both Kata and Kumite.

In May 2009 Kenshikan Scotland sent one of our biggest teams to the European Course in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue was the magnificent Boson Sports Complex just oustide Stockholm City Centre. Great venue, Great training, Great Course.

In 2010 European Course returned to Ghent, Belgium. The year of the "Volcanic Ash Cloud".

In 2011, Glasgow again played host to the European Course - 13th May 2011 to 15th May 2011. My sincere thanks to all Instructors and Students for making this event a great success.

Top class instruction from Soke Sensei, Teppei Shihandai and Naoya Shidoin.


Kenshikan Web Site

This web- site will help keep Kenshikan students informed of news, events and examination results.

We will invite our fellow students in Japan, Sweden, England and Belgium to visit our web-site.

Please direct any interest in our Club, Style or Web-site to Kengo.

Specific Classes For

Juniors 5 to 16 years

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"New" Kata List. Info and pics of Kata and Bunkai.